Class IntegerTriplesArcLabelledImmutableGraph

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class IntegerTriplesArcLabelledImmutableGraph
extends ArcLabelledImmutableSequentialGraph
A class exposing a list of triples as an ArcLabelledImmutableGraph. The triples are interpreted as labelled arcs: the first element is the source, the second element is the target, and the third element must be a nonnegative integer that will be saved using a GammaCodedIntLabel.

This class is mainly a useful example of how to expose of your data via an ArcLabelledImmutableGraph, and it is also used to build test cases, but it is not efficient or particularly refined.

A main method reads from standard input a list of TAB-separated triples and writes the corresponding graph using BVGraph and BitStreamArcLabelledImmutableGraph.